Hamath (Halflings)

Hamath (pronounced hah’-math) are the small people who are Nomm’s nomads. (Calling them “halflings” – a Dorginari mistranslation of their name for themselves – is not actually insulting, but certainly inappropriate and potentially offensive.) A wandering group by nature, Hamath can be found all over Nomm – some rarely in the same spot for very long.

Rural Hamath make a circuit with the seasons, hunting, gathering, trapping, and fishing as the climate and geography call for. Sub-urban Hamath are usually itinerant farmworkers, tilling the soil and harvesting crops in agricultural communities for pay. Urban Hamath have nomadic  paths of their own, either as caravan runners, traveling merchants, or business agents. Completely adaptable and at home in any situation, Hamath are part of every slice of Nomm.

Hamath adapt to many circumstances and enjoy all sorts of customs; their own art empathizes a strong oral tradition with storytelling and recitation of epic poems, and art made in the landscape, such a petroglyphs.

Hamath comprise 20% of the total humanoid population of Nomm.