The Gnome

The Gnome (pronounced noe’-may in the plural and nome in the singular) are perhaps the most insular race on Nomm. Legend puts their ancestral home in the mountains of the northwest: a great, gleaming city filled with glittering treasure and unimaginable artifacts and machines of all kinds. Many have searched for this fabled site of riches, but none has ever found it or can say they really know anything of it.

What all on Nomm do know is that every almost every community of any size has its Gnomish Quarter. The Gnome seem run all manufactories and workshops in Nomm. Master craftsmen and artificers, they create goods from jewelry to weapons and everything in between. An old saying has it that the Dorginari may have built your castle, but the Gnome fashioned all the goods inside. Gnome are also extremely active in commerce – trade and finance are two other specialties in which they excel. While the Edrei were preserving the culture of Old Nomm, the Gnome kept the books.

Gnome art is as intricate as their craft: wood carvings, scrimshaw, and fine metalwork. The centerpiece of any Gnome meal will be dumplings in a soup or pasties; they drink extremely sweet wine, almost like a syrup. Gnome greet everyone with “So?”

The Gnome comprise 6% of the humanoid population of Nomm.