The Dorginari (Dwarves)

The Dorginari (pronounced door-gin’-are-ee) differ physically from generic dwarves only in hairiness: The heads of Dorginari males may be bald or shaggy or anything in-between, and males shave or wear beards. If there is a traditional or classic style for a Dorginari male, it is a close-cropped crew cut with a huge mustache. Dorginari females often have the same haircut, but without the facial hair.

The Dorginari are a race closely bound by family and clan connections; it is said that given the names of ten randomly selected Dorginari, a line could be drawn all the way across Nomm by connecting only five of them, who would know each other or be related. From their legendary ancient homelands in the northeast, the Dorginari have spread all across the map, using their strength, stonecunning, and skill in all crafts to help rebuild Nomm.

Dorginari are only infrequently diplomats or salesman; while they are generally warm and open, their passions, their enthusiasms, and their anger often go unchecked and unleashed, sometimes leading to tactless remarks, unintended conflicts, and disproportionate responses to insults and compliments alike.

Dorginari cuisine is heavy on potatoes and root vegetables, usually served with a thick cream gravy and washed down with a strong ale or stout. Dorginari pastimes include opera, as sentimental and mawkish as possible. A typical Dorginari greeting is “Haloo!”

The Dorginari comprise 20% of the total humanoid population of Nomm.