Regional Map

Your adventure will begin in the town of Fossgate, in a region known as Nen-Fen.


Given that the King’s Road connects Whitbeck and  Fossgate, most people believe that Nen-Fen was once part of a great kingdom. Nowadays, the Regent, along with the Governing Panel, controls Fossgate and the greater Nen-Fen region, and there’s no larger government to answer to.

The Latt and Medd Ranges restrict east-west travel, and Borarbor Wood extends northward beyond any recent exploration; Nen-Fen is pretty isolated much of time. The River Nen flows through the Fen and down to a port some days’ journey downriver, and is the region’s main communication with the outside world.

The climate in Nen-Fen is temperate to harsh, with four distinct seasons that can be moderate or extreme depending on the year. Occasionally, the River Nen freezes over

There’s mining in Old Kelbryn and Old New Kelbryn, lumbering in the Borarbor Wood, and agriculture in the plains straddling the Trade Road. New Kelbryn exports a tart berry that grows only in the shallows of eastern Lake Nen. Whitbeck is a manufacturing center that considers itself a cultural rival to Fossgate.

Fossgate is a trade center. Located at ancient locks constructed at what used to be a whitewater rapids, Fossgate is a the relay point for  transports from upriver and most land caravans from the surrounding countryside as well.

As in most regions on Nomm, all the civilized races are represented in Nen-Fen. Old Kelbryn and Old New Kelbryn are Dorginari towns, and New Kelbryn is a Cadmian community. Much of the agricultural land has been settled by Hamath, but Hamath along with Gnome are found in the larger towns of Fossgate and Whitbeck as well. Humans and Edrei are about equally represented through the region, and Halcyonians are no more or less present than anywhere.

The civilized races occupy the larger towns, communities along the roads and rivers, and some fortified settlements in the hills and plains. Much of the landscape is given over to gnolls, trolls, orcs,  goblins, and other uncivilized creatures. Warring with each other as much as with the civilized races, they nonetheless present a constant threat to travelers unwise or unlucky enough to stray from the areas protected by the local Peace & Safety Teams.