What you know: the undead

Nomm is a place of both wonder and horror, and even in a relatively quiet corner of the world, you have likely encountered beings other than members of the seven major races.  Here is what any would-be adventurer know of the undead, those creatures that deny the embrace of the grave and continue their existence in a corrupt not-life. Many believe that all the undead were created before the Fall of Nomm, and that these products of necromancy have survived to this day; others insist that the obscene, arcane forces that create the undead were let loose on the world long ago but still course through the underground, and can turn even recent decedents into these abominations. In any case, the undead are both dreaded and feared, and few right-thinking folks think of them without a shiver. Clerics in communities such as Poppei are respected perhaps not solely – or so much – for their deeds in the present as for their needed power if and when the undead ever appear.

Spirits: these incorporeal creatures can only be harmed by magical weapons or magic attacks.

Ghosts are incorporeal versions of once-living people or creatures, trapped or visiting the material world, bound to finish a quest or fulfill a duty not completed in life. Spectral vestiges of their former selves, they prey on the living with supernatural powers such as a gaze that wounds or a moan that panics the hearer. One on one, a ghost easily overpowers an equivalent humanoid adventurer.

Wraiths are the claimed souls of the departed, reanimated for evil purposes. The very touch of these creatures can drain life energy, even though they are incorporeal. One on one, a ghost completely overpowers an equivalent humanoid adventurer.

The Reanimated: these creatures have a physical existence and can be fought with conventional weapons, but usually have special defenses.

A Skeleton is the reanimated remains of a living creature, formed into a mindless automaton carrying out the commands of a master or an agenda set at its creation, perhaps long in the past. Aside from its resistance to all but bludgeoning damage, a skeleton is usually no match for an equivalent humanoid adventurer.

A Zombie is the reanimated corpse of a living creature, a mockery of life and thought only able to follow simple commands from a master or from an arcane plan. Aside from its resistance to all but slashing damage, a zombie and an equivalent human adventurer are usually a pretty fair match.

A Wight is a living creature slain and reanimated by another wight in a chain of black sorcery. Wights possess the power to drain the energy of the living. One on one, a wight easily overpowers an equivalent humanoid adventurer.

A Ghoul is a corpse, reanimated with a toxic touch that imparts ghoul fever, which sickens, kills, and reanimates the victim as a ghoul. Ghouls hunger for human flesh and use a paralysis attack. A Ghast is a ghoul with enhanced powers and a sickening, poisonous stench as well. A decent, experienced adventurer might be a match for a ghoul one-on-one, but will be easily overpowered by a ghast.

In certain traditions found on Nomm, corpses are preserved in spices and bandages; when one of these corpses is reanimated, it is  known as a Mummy, and it walks among the living casting supernatural fear and disease – Mummy Rot – onto their victims. Extremely tough, a mummy will completely overpower even a superior, experienced adventurer one-on-one.

Most folk on Nomm have heard stories of versions of even more unpleasant undead creatures, but these are the ones everyone is familiar with and may have even encountered.