What you know – other monsters.

Besides the “wild” races, there are other sapient creatures out there, most of them wishing no good to humanoids. Too few to form real communities or societies, these monstrous beings nonetheless use tools and communicate through language – although often it is only used to tell someone they are about to be eaten. Giants, trolls, and ogres are the stuff of nightmares – powerful and aggressive, brutal and strange, they creep into the imagination of civilized folk and keep them awake at night. Descriptions vary, and eyewitnesses are few, but none doubt the existence of these horrible adversaries and, given the descriptions of savage strength often associated with them, few ever wish to encounter them.

Many, too, are the stories of golems, creatures not undead but not living – animated beings of stone or clay or mud or steel, brought to a semblance of life by magic or alchemy, and usually both mindless and powerful beyond description.

And while the scholars and elders insist they are all gone, destroyed in a magical holocaust that accompanied the Fall of Old Nomm, there are some who still say that in the farthest corners of the land, dragons may be found. In each legend, descriptions vary – size, shape, color, and temperament – but the two constants are power and danger. Perhaps some things are best left to Old Nomm.

No experienced traveler in Nomm is ever really surprised to hear from a bard a tale of some unexplainable or unimaginable creature – and only slightly less surprised to meet one personally.