Halcyonians (Half-elves)

Half-elves are the offspring of Edrei and Humans; unlike half-orcs, half-elves do not breed true. In fact, over 90% of half-elf males are sterile, and almost all female half-elves are infertile. When that rare half-elf with the ability to reproduce does so, the offspring tend to demonstrate the characteristics of the other parent; half-elf bloodlines are almost non-existent.

It is perhaps for this reason that all half-elves consider themselves part of the same family, or at least tribe. Calling themselves Halcyonians (pronounced hal’-see-own-ee-an), they move throughout Nomm, part of no culture and part of every culture. Almost as diverse a group as humans themselves, Halcyonians make themselves at home with Humans or Edrei, Cadmians or Gnome, as they choose. All races seem to accept them, even knowing that when strife and conflict arise, Halcyonians can be counted on to band with each other, not with their parents’ tribe or their adopted home.

At any moment, Halcyonians represent about 4% of the total humanoid population of Nomm.