Fossgate Town Map

Fossgate’s prime feature is the locks systems that allows a formerly passable rapids to be navigable.


The north end of town from the tip of the docks to the western wall is the rough and tumble working class neighborhood, with the exception of Gnomish quarter. The area just inside the docks and along the lower hillside is more middle class, and the upper class homes are higher up on the hill and mostly on the South Side. The hilltop is reserved mostly for official buildings. The Trade Road runs through Fossgate from the locks to the west wall, and two other gates allow access to the nearby area.

Notable features of Fossgate:

A. Queen’s Gate
B. Kings’ Gate
C. Hillgate
D. Tradesgate
E. Fenngate

0. Lockmaster
1. Docks
2. Gnomish Quarter
3. Landings – working class neighborhood
4. The Flats – shopping district
5. The Rake – public square
6. The Tellhorn Inn
7. Regent Alla Ronder’s residence
8. The Merchant Guild
9. Guyna Konstit’s residence
10. The Jeweled Scabbard Inn
11. The Academy
12. Milo Sherren’s residence
13. The observatory
14. Parther Mann’s residence
15. The Keel Inn
16. Government Park
17. Town Hall & Court
18. Pantheist Temple
19. Peace & Safety Garrison
20. Whistler’s Park
21. The Open Wound Inn and Casino

Here is a map of town with a district overlay: