Edrei (Elves)

Edrei (pronounced ed’-dry) believe themselves to be the oldest race on Nomm; they are certainly the longest-lived. It is perhaps this combination that gives many of them the air of long-suffering patience that so rankles anyone they deal with, particularly humans.

Edrein traditions are rich, and culture and the arts have always been stressed among Edrei, particularly classical modes with roots in Old Nomm. To the long-lived Edrei, Nomm fell into darkness more recently than for others – fewer generations have passed since the Glory, and perhaps that is why Edrei revere the past more so than others.

But this has not made Edrei bloodless and austere, as some believe – their passions run as strong and as deep as anyone’s. But after centuries of continuing refinement, most Edrei believe that anything worth doing – from lovemaking to assassination – is worth doing with a little elan.

While the Edrei homelands are in the rich forests of east-central Nomm,  Edrei have adapted to all environments, and have communities in desert, mountain, and coastal lands as well.

Edrei love subtle flavors in stews, porridges, and pottages, with ale. Their greatest art  involves detailed mosaics and friezes, and they listen to instrumental music played on strings and woodwinds. Edrei dress tends toward the sophisticated and elegant. A typical greeting is “Hail.”

Edrei comprise 20% of the total humanoid population of Nomm.