Cadmians (Half-orcs)

On Nomm, half-orcs breed true. That is, while the race might have originated from the offspring of orcs and humans, this mixed heritage became a new constant: half-orcs who reproduce with other half-orcs have half-orc children, and their characteristics are not diluted over the generations. Half-orcs, as their population grew over the ages, became an integral part of the societies of Nomm and were accepted as one of the “civilized” races. In fact, it is only the ignorant or the prejudiced who use the term half-orc; most people refer  to them as Cadmians (pronounced cad’-mee-ann), the name legend says the first band of half-orcs to establish an independent community chose for themselves.

Like all other races on Nomm, Cadmians can be found anywhere, but there are said to be two enclaves that were founded and are almost exclusively populated by Cadmians. Lower Cadmia is supposedly in rocky high country of  southeast Nomm, and is said be the very first Cadmian state. Upper Cadmia is thought to be found in northwest Nomm and controls a major seaport.

Cadmians, because of their typically greater-than-average strength, find themselves among the ground troops of many of Nomm’s wars, often serving as mercenaries. Other common Cadmian pursuits are construction, caravan operation, and the merchant marine.

Cadmian traditions include eating lots of meat and drinking very strong wine, and they enjoy group sing-alongs and dances; their art, such as it is, comprises narrative murals. Their usual greeting is “Well met!”

Cadmians comprise 10% of the total humanoid population of Nomm.